Fire Safety on Construction Sites (F38DVD)

Fire Safety on Construction Sites (F38DVD)

Fire Safety on Construction Sites (F38DVD) provides an overview of the issues that must be considered in maintaining fire safety on construction sites. In addition to induction modules aimed at contractors and permanent workforce, the DVD provides advice for site managers. It is divided into seven modules:

  1. Induction training: Outlines why fire safety is important and provides an excellent introduction to fire safety principles and the correct actions to take in the event of a fire. (Running time: 2.5 mins)
  2. Hazard spotting: Highlights the principal fire safety hazards and potential control methods and explains the importance of good housekeeping in preventing fires and ensuring safe evacuation. (Running time: 6.5 mins)
  3. Security and arson prevention: Outlines the measures that must be taken to protect visitors and the workforce, and provide a defence against vandals, arsonists and opportunist criminals. (Running time: 4 mins)
  4. Hot works: Requirements for activities that involve open flames, sparks or any building work that may generate heat. (Running time: 4.5 mins)
  5. Fire warden duties: Details the vital role and responsibilities of fire wardens. (Running time: 5 mins)
  6. Choosing and using a fire extinguisher: Describes which type of extinguishers should be used depending on the class of fire, how fires can spread and how small fires may be tackled safely. (Running time: 6 mins)
  7. Site manager responsibilities: It is the site manager's responsibility to implement and maintain a fire risk assessment and the site fire safety plan. This module describes the key elements. (Running time: 5.5 mins)

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Who is this suitable for?

Everyone working on construction sites, from site managers to contract labourers.

What information does it offer?

Covers a number of different aspects of fire safety on site, enabling users to tailor training to their audience.

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