Health, safety and environment test for operatives and specialists

GT100/17 Health, safety and environment test for operatives and specialists GT100/17

Please note- This is the 2017 edition of the publication. If you are due to take your test before the 1st June 2018 you will require this version of the publication. The test is due to be updated from the 1st June 18 therefore any tests taken after this date will require the 2018 version for revision.

The CITB Health, safety and environment test helps the industry to improve its health, safety and environmental standards and forms a vital part of the requirement to obtain a construction industry scheme card.

This revision material contains everything you need to know to book, prepare for and sit the CITB Health, safety and environment test for operatives and specialists.

Content has been updated for 2017 to reflect legislation changes.

Please note: From January 2018 the test will be updated to include new question styles. To ensure you are fully prepared for your test alongside the GT100 support material you can try the new question styles here.


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The app, download and DVD have been updated to include the new questions styles. However, there are no changes to the question content and therefore this book still remains up to date.

The test includes behavioural case studies, and knowledge and specialist questions. The behavioural case studies are based on the core principles of the industry’s free film Setting out. The film explores what employers and sites must do for workers, and how workers need to behave and interact to constantly changing site conditions.

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There are also separate revision materials to support the Health, safety and environment test for managers and professionals(MAP), so please ensure that you are revising for the right test. The following revision formats are available.

• Book: offers the whole question bank printed out for easy revision, with a transcript of the Setting out film, which supports the behavioural case studies.
• Download: offers the chance to work through the whole question bank, watch the Setting out film and complete simulated tests.
• DVD: offers all the functionality of the download with all voice-overs provided.
• App: offers all the functionality of the DVD, optimised for smartphones in either apple or android variants.

More information about this product

Who is this suitable for?

This revision material is suitable for anyone who is revising for any of the operative or specialist test variants of the Health, safety and environment test, including the following.


• Operatives.
• Labourers.
• Supervisory.
• Demolition.
• Highway works.
• Specialist work at height.
• Lifts and escalators.
• Tunnelling.
• Heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration (HVACR):
• Heating and plumbing services (HAPS)
• Pipefitting and welding (PFW)
• Ductwork (DUCT)
• Refrigeration and air conditioning (RAAC)
• Service and facilities maintenance (SAF).
• Plumbing (JIB).

What information does it offer?

This revision material contains everything you need to know to book, prepare for and sit the Health, safety and environment test for operatives and specialists. There are five core knowledge sections to revise.
• Legal and management.
• Health and welfare.
• General safety.
• High risk activities.
• Environment.

There are also specialist tests, supported by their own additional specialist activity questions.

What are the benefits?

You will increase your chances of passing the test by using the latest versions of the recommended revision materials. They will enable you to work through all the knowledge questions and provide links to the Setting out film, on which the behavioural case studies are based.

A timed practice test is also available on the DVD, download and app versions, which will recreate the test conditions and provide detailed feedback on your performance.

What are the system requirements?

The following minimum system requirements apply for either the DVD-ROM or download.

• Operating system: Windows® 7, 8, 8.1 or 10 (not Windows®RT).
• CPU type and speed: Pentium® IV 1.5GHz or equivalent.
• Hard drive space: 500MB recommended install.
• Memory: 1GB
• Graphics: Any Direct3D 9 compatible graphics card (with at least 32MB of memory).
• Audio: Any DirectX 9 compatible sound card.
• Screen resolution: 1024 x 768.
• Internet: required for software activation and web updates
• Printer: optional
• Other.
• Internet Explorer 8. (Internet Explorer 10 or higher recommended.)
• Windows® Media Player 11 (or higher).
• DirectX 9.0c (or higher).

Optical drive also required for DVD-ROM.

This product is not compatible with Mac OS or Linux operating systems.

Are there any Format delivery notes?

For the download version, the product is downloaded to a personal device. A download link and unique passcode is emailed to you on purchase.

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