Surveying and Setting Out Courses

Surveying and Setting Out Courses

The National Construction College offers a range of courses for surveying and setting out.

Our courses on offer include

  • Introduction to Setting Out with GPS
  • Introduction to Setting Out
  • Levelling for Construction
  • Intermediate Surveying and Setting Out
  • Advanced Surveying and Setting Out

Choosing the right course for you…

Are you able to do any of the following?

  • Set up a level
  • Reduce readings by the HPC method
  • Use change points in levelling
  • Set up a theodolite
  • Take angle readings in degrees, minutes and seconds
  • Calculate with angles

If NO we would recommend either of our introduction courses.

If YES - Are you able to do ALL of the following?

  • Set up and use a total station
  • Understand whole circle bearings and polar co-ordinates
  • Convert eastings and northings to bearing and distance

If NO we would recommend our Intermediate course

If YES to all of the above we would recommend our Advanced course

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Are there any Format delivery notes?

Open Course - These courses are held at our training centres on set dates and will be attended by a mix of people from different companies.

Closed Course - These courses are available to your employees only, and held at sites of your choice. Dates and times are to be agreed.

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