Construction site management delegate workbook (XA6/21)

Construction site management delegate workbook (XA6/21)

This Construction site management delegate workbook (XA6/21) contains information that delegates are required to reference and complete during the Site management safety training scheme (SMSTS) course, including aims and objectives, self-study questions and exercises.

Note: XA6 must be supplied to all SMSTS delegates alongside the Construction site safety - The comprehensive guide (GE700) publication.

XA6 has been designed so that delegates can take ownership of their workbook, use it to make notes during the course and use it as an easy reference guide afterwards.

XA6 content has been reviewed and updated, where necessary, to ensure information reflects current legislation and good practice. Exercises, consisting of tasks and projects, relate to the construction site drawings (XA6D123), which can be purchased separately. The drawings and exercises have been designed to offer basic information, sufficient for health, safety and environmental planning. The self-study questions have been reviewed to ensure that all answers are available within the latest GE700 reference material.

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What information does it offer?

• Introduction.
• About the site management safety training scheme.
• Self-study exercises.
• Exercises.
• Notes.
• What do you know now?

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