Construction Site Safety - Health, Safety & Environmental Auditing System

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Suitable for Business owners, managers, supervisors and health and safety professionals, this CD-ROM provides the appropriate forms which will help you to evaluate your company’s approach to health and safety which enable you to identify areas for improvement.

Please note: This CD-ROM will not work if you use Norton anti-virus software.


SA003CD helps you to:

•Complete management systems and site operations audit sections that automatically calculate and add data to audit results sheets
•Demonstrate that you are fully committed to the health and safety of your workforce
•Improve health and safety standards
•Carry out audits of Health, Safety and Environmental procedures and the way they are put into practice
•Customise the health and safety audit to your company's specific requirements
•Complete forms on screen and save for future reference.

  • Publication Type CD-ROM
  • ISBN: 978 1 85751 331 8

System requirements:


PC use only

Windows XP (SP3)

500 MB RAM (2 GB RAM recommended)

1 GHz processor (1.8GHz recommended)

16-bit (medium) colour (32-bit high colour recommended)

1 GB of free disk space is recommended

Please note: this product has not been developed or designed for use on Mac computers


Please note: This CD-ROM will not work if you actively use Norton anti-virus software.


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